Membership Renewal

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Membership Categories

The diverse membership of MGMA is comprised of administrators, CEOs, physicians in management, board members, office managers and many other management professionals from medical practices and ambulatory care organizations of all sizes and types. This includes integrated systems, hospital and medical school-affiliated practices. Throughout the United States, virtually all large, nationally known medical group practices, as well as most medium and small practices, belong to MGMA, of which the South Dakota MGMA is a subchapter. 

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Active membership may be held by an individual employed by a medical group practice who is directly responsible for the leadership, management and operational decision making of that medical practice consisting of licensed physicians.


Allied membership may be held by any individual employed by a medical group practice to provide direct operational support to that medical practice.  (clerical and clinical support staff, coders, billers, IT, recruiters, etc.)


Affiliate membership may be held by any individual not directly employed by a medical group practice that provides supplies, products, or services to medical group practices.  (consultants, third-party payers, supply and service vendors, non-employed medical group practice support staff)


Student membership may be held by any individual enrolled full or part-time in a graduate or undergraduate degree program with an emphasis in healthcare administration.  The student must not qualify in any other category of membership.  A student member cannot vote, hold an office, chair a committee or subcommittee, but may serve on committees.


Life membership may be held by any individual who permanently retires from working directly or indirectly with the administration or support of medical group practice and who has been an active, allied, or affiliate member of the SDMGMA for at least 10 years.  Life membership will be conferred upon those qualifying members by recommendation of the membership at one of its duly constituted semi-annual meetings and to be approved by a majority of those voting members present.